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How I Became A Food Blogger

I started halal gal 5 years ago now, where there was a lack of halal food and 0 halal food bloggers. Now you can find us in abundance. Which is great! You can find halal restaurants/cafés/ takeaways, almost every where now in Scotland... if you know where to go (they become harder to find the further up north you go). I want to make that search a little bit easier for you. There's nothing like finding that hidden gem.

Can I cook?

I like to follow recipes and create new things, they don’t always go to plan, but I try.  The rest of my family, however, are amazing cooks. My dad used my siblings and I as his guinea pigs growing up, when he was teaching himself how to cook. He’s now a professional chef and makes the meanest biryani I have ever tasted, I’ve yet to find a better biryani dish than his.

^This is what I had written 5 years ago when I first created the halal gal. So I'll give you a little update.

I just recently married and my husband is such a foodie (like me) who prefers home-cooked meals. So all those gruelling cooking lessons with mum and dad have really come in handy (like they said it would, lol). But now I am definitely more confident when it comes to cooking.

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