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Sapporo Tepan-yuki

I'm joking it wasn't that bad.

Before I give it all away, let's rewind for a second! I can't believe this is my first blog post of 2020. Happy New Year! To be honest January feels like a separate year. When. Will. It. End.

But let's jump right into it. So, it was my first time trying Sapporo in Glasgow, and I think it may be the last. A few things happened; first of all they, weren't expecting us even though I'd booked way ahead. The floors were very sticky and our drinks were so watered down I felt like I was drinking Robinsons.

When they first opened I failed to jump on the hype train and I'd heard some good things. I just hope their standards aren't slipping now that they've made a name for themselves.

We ordered a set menu which was called Banzai for £29 pp, this includes your starters mains and desserts.

The Miso Wakeme soup wasn't my cup of tea, or soup on this occasion. The first few spoonful's are okay but then the spring onion taste takes over.

I was pleasantly surprised with the smoked chicken rolls and how they managed to make it so crispy.

Next on the menu was the lamb fillet, you can choose between lamb or steak, however the steak wasn't halal at this branch. And what's delightful about dining at Sapporo is the show they put on in front of you.

Our lamb fillets were cooked before everyone else's meals and we seen the chef clean the surfaces first. The waitress put a post-it note on our table that read 'halal'. So it's comforting to know you're in good hands when it comes to cross-contamination.

The lamb was cooked beautifully and everything was piping hot which was great. Not to mention the portion size was definitely worth it. A tiny negative would be it may have just needed a bit more sauce in the vegetables. I kept the sauces from the starters because I was afraid of this.

My OCD is raging at the fact the cheese is sticking out at the end there. However, it was deliciously creamy.

Overall the bill amounted to £58 excluding any drinks. My food buddy and I ordered the exact same thing, usually I'll be tasting their food too to show you guys. Man I must be a pain to dine out with.

I'm not sure what I make of this meal, the starters weren't up to scratch, but the mains were appetising. Maybe it's the set price of £29 which I found a bit steep for what was presented. That's £9.60 per dish roughly. £9.60 for a cheesecake slice. That doesn't sit right with me. I think next time I won't go for a set menu.

However, Sapporo is an experience, the chefs make your night and your forced to sit right next to strangers and make conversation which in this day and age, isn't such a bad thing.

Address: 2-6 Ingram St, Merchant City, Glasgow G1 1HA

Telephone: 0141 553 4060

Halal Status: Some items are halal, they do vary, make sure to check with the waiters 

Parking/Travel: 11 minute walk from Queen Street station, I'd get an Uber.


Food 5/10

Presentation 5/10

Service 6/10

Facilities 5/10

Value 3/10


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