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A Pot of Full Luck

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Potluck has to be the one of the most talked about cafés in Glasgow right now and which I felt much obliged to try out. Amongst a row full of tiresome and dull looking businesses on Nithsdale Road there was a ray of sunshine. You can’t miss it. Potluck definitely lights up the area with some much-needed colour.

It was around 2pm and I hadn’t eaten all day, so it made sense to go for the breakfast option.

This cute café was small and intimate. It had high ceilings and the decor is something out of a retro 70s cafe. Minimalistic but effective.

Breakfast Greens £8

This alluring dish consisted of, tenderstem broccoli, garlic thyme mushrooms, labneh (which I had to google and is greek yoghurt that’s been strained to remove whey), poached egg, pistachios, herbed tahini, and toast.

I found this dish very light and airy and definitely a healthy option if you’re like me and trying to watch your weight.

Although this was a tasty dish, the broccoli was slightly hard and undercooked. This wasn’t much of a negative to put me off the meal completely as everything else was delightful.

Lebanese Fries £4.50

Salmon Scramble £8

Hot smoked salmon with chilli scrambled eggs, tenderstem broccoli, sesame seeds, dill all on a bed of warm buttery toast.

This dish was quite spicy, I felt that the sauce around the plate was very overwhelming but when dipped in moderation it was tolerable.

The overall bill amounted to £20.50; taking into consideration the portion size, the presentation and the atmosphere – I would definitely pay this again.

There was plenty of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, that’s probably why it felt so healthy!

I really need to come back and try some of their famous hot cakes – the pictures on the gram look so mouthwatering.

Address: 38 Nithsdale Rd, Glasgow G41 2AN

Telephone: 0141 636 3915

Halal Status: No halal options but plenty of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free

Parking: Free on-street parking/ 4 Minute walk from Queen’s Park Station


Food 7/10

Presentation 9/10

Service 10/10

Facilities 8/10

Value 7/10


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