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Attention, everyone! Burger, on Fountain Bridge – Edinburgh, are taking 25% off your bill if you book through their Instagram – @burgerhq – before the 6th of July.

As you can see I jumped at the chance, ya girl’s gotta save money – this food blogging stuff is expensive, just take a look at my bill from STEAK.

And it’s right opposite student halls – you lucky burgers (lol).

Apart from my food buddy and I, there was not another soul in sight. I think that had something to do with how amazing the weather has been recently. With it being empty I got to appreciate the simple, stripped back interior.

Every item with (h) – is halal. However the grilled chicken is cooked amongst the non halal items. Leaving the fried chicken and veggie as the only viable option, as they are cooked separate.

The new menus are simple and easy to read. I was super excited to try out the team favourites.

Firecracker burger – £8.45

Fried chicken in a brioche bun filled with oozing buffalo sauce and chipotle slaw, tomato, pickle, red leicester cheese and ranch dressing.

I so badly want to re-eat this. The picture speaks for itself *drool*

The buffalo sauce along with the melted cheese and chipotle slaw caused an explosion, the sauce was un-regrettably drooling down my chin. FYI – pack some wet wipes and maybe a spare top.

BBQ Wings – £5.75

6 succulent, sticky bbq wings – I made the mistake of wearing a white shirt and I have a knack at dirtying my clothes when I’m out eating. But nonetheless I came out unscathed from this mission.

Build your own burger starting from £5.95

Fried chicken in a brioche bun, with halloumi cheese, lettuce, roasted red peppers, onion rings and bbq sauce.

Generous toppings, tasty and surprisingly this combination went well together.

Cheese fries – £3.90

The cheese fries were irresistible *more drool emojis*

In this case there were no need for fancy plates or complicated presentations, just a metal tray and some cutlery and the sheer simplicity of it all, made us cherish the meal even more.

Not a bad wee discount!

Without the 25% off, this bill would have been – £31.16 which is a bit much but for good portions, delicious burgers and great service I reckon it’s justifiable.

I know where I’ll be going for my next carb fix!

So guys, Burger?

Address - 94A Fountain Bridge Edinburgh, EH3 9QA 

Telephone - 0131 228 5367

Parking - Limited Parking Outside

Halal Status - Grilled chicken and fried chicken is halal however only grilled chicken is cooked separately


Food 2.5/5

Presentation 3.5/5

Service 2/5

Facilities 3/5

Value 1/5


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