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Updated: Jan 18, 2020

I rarely make it out in time to catch breakfast, this was one of those rare times. Sometimes breakfast for me is fruit or a quick bowl of weetabix. I should add I recently joined Slimming World and food blogging has been bad for my waist line (face-line and every-sorta-line!) hence the fruit and weetabix. I’m sure I’ll find a balance soon.

So bearing in mind I’ve been eating healthy breakfasts I was anxious as to how many syns this breakfast would be (Syn = slimming world lingo for synergy i.e. treats – you’re allowed 15 a day, for example, 1 Bourbon biscuit = 3.5 syns – does that make sense?)

But for today; let’s indulge a little.

Mocha £3.35

I’m not a hardcore coffee drinker, the furthest I’ll go is an Americano with a few sweeteners but my go-to drink has to be the mocha. Chocolate and coffee, the best of both worlds. In this case it was a bit too bitter for my liking but I think that is just me and my inability to handle strong doses of caffeine.

Poached eggs & Avocado £9.95

Crushed avacado and sautéed spinach on toasted homemade raisin soda bread topped with poached eggs, raddish and dill herb salad and herb oil.

This meal was so refreshing and filling. The raisin soda bread added a nice sweetness and the egg was perfectly cooked with oozing yolk at the centre.

Scrambled eggs & Scottish smoked salmon £9.95

Scrambled eggs mixed with smoked salmon and chives served with cream cheese, cherry tomatoes, herb salad and toasted homemade bread.

I love the fact their bread is homemade, it adds an extra richness to the plate and the kitchen is open for you to see the chef’s cook which makes you appreciate the meal even more.

The scrambled eggs were creamy and seasoned perfectly along with the smoked salmon and cream cheese, just made this the most comforting breakfast dish.

Syn value = meh who cares about that right now, even if its above 15, it was worth it.

The overall bill amounted to £27.20 – this included drinks. This cool cafe serves brunch also all day throughout the weekend. So no more waking up late and missing breakfasts!

Address: 94b Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, EH3 9QA

Telephone: 0131 228 9774

Halal Status: Nothing is halal but loads of vegetarian and vegan options that are cooked an prepared separately, pork on menu.

Parking: Story-car-park on the same road – £3 for 2 hours approx. 15 minute walk form Haymarket station & plenty of local bus routes. 


Food 4.5/5

Presentation 5/5

Service 5/5

Facilities 5/5

Value 4/5


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