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After returning from Pakistan I have been dying to eat something other than desi food and decided to try this beautifully located Malaysian Cuisine – Nanyang, in Lister Square. It’s hidden away and not on the busy roads like most restaurants in Edinburgh, which was a nice change.

The term “Nanyang” means Southern Ocean and it is literally located on the south side of Edinburgh. Malaysian food is a combination of the best characteristics and tastes from Thai/indian/Chinese and middle eastern dishes brought together to create something exceptional.

Apart from being impressed by the decor, I thought it was really cool that there was a mini market upstairs where you could buy all the ingredients to make your own oriental food.

Salt and Spicy Shredded Chicken (£10.95 + £3.00 for egg fried rice)

The chicken was coated in a thick, sticky sweet sauce but lacked spice. We had it with a side of egg fried rice – but I feel it might have gone better with the noodles. Although, the bowl it was served in was made out of noodles – it was not edible – I checked. The side of shredded carrots and cabbage, did not get eaten, to be honest it was more for show and was completely dried out.

Unlike the dried out salad the chicken wings were succulent. I wasn’t a fan of the spring onion garnish. It left a displeasing aftertaste and overpowered the chilli seasoning in the wings, however I reckon that’s all down to personal taste.

Massaman Lamb Curry (£13.95 + £2.70 for jasmine rice)

I just couldn’t resist ordering the curry – lol. This was my favourite dish of the night, garnished with cashew nuts and basil. The coconut milk and shrimp paste really gave this dish a certain sweetness, it was delicious and packed with flavour and the lamb had absorbed the flavours nicely. This was one of the more milder options on the menu, which I’m always sceptical about ordering – I usually go for the spicier dishes – but I would definitely order this again.

What was even more impressive was the menu. It has symbols whether a dish has been made with wine, contains nuts, whether you can change the spiciness of the dish and the vegetarian options. One thing I would be wary of is their beef and duck and whether it is halal. Upon calling the restaurant, I had been been told everything was halal, however only their chicken and lamb is supplied by a local halal butchers, the duck and beef were not clarified where they had been sourced which left me feeling a bit doubtful.

For two people the bill amounted to £36.10, excluding any drinks or dessert. Taking into consideration the decent sized portions, I would say Nanyang was reasonably priced. Each dish was vibrant and I cannot wait to go back again and try other options on the menu as there was loads to choose from.

Address: Quartermile, 6 - 7 Lister Square, Edinburgh EH3 9GL

Number: 0131 629 1797

Halal Status: Alcohol served on premises/ no pork dishes/ alcohol used in some dishes


Food                  3/5

Presentation   3/5

Service             3/5

Facilities           4/5


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