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Make Room For Dishoom

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

To dine at Dishoom you should first understand the history behind it. I was in awe of its decor, low hanging lights – dimmed to give an allure – and the old pictures on the wall that tell a story. Dishoom captures the essence of old Iranian Cafe’s in Bombay back in the mid 1900’s. If not for the modernisations of the place you’d feel like you were there, in the heart of Bombay, drinking mango lassi out of a tinned cup. Dishoom romanticises all of it – which is what makes it so popular.

Now let’s get back to the present and see if Dishoom lived up to it’s great expectations.

Chilli Chicken £5.90

A Chinese inspired dish, chilli chicken, marinated in ginger, garlic, soy and of course, chilli. The chicken was crispy and delicious and the flavours just oozed together. It was simply magnificent. The chicken was cut into little cubes so no part was left untouched by the chilli marination. I was so pleased with this dish *does the happy dance*

Gunpowder Potatoes £6.70

These gunpowder potatoes (love the name!) were just banging. On their menu it says “seduction is in the tumble” and this dish was the epitome of seduction on a plate. There was just so much flavour, cooked with aromatic seeds.  I also loved how the menu is laid out like an old newspaper – again – giving me a 1900’s vibe.

Spicy Lamb Chops £4.30 (per chop)

I didn’t know what I was expecting but it definitely wasn’t £4.30 per chop…

And as pretty as it looks with the pomegranate garnish (which gave a citrusy pop over the spices and was rather pleasant) the chops were sadly undercooked and burnt at the same time. Yep. Usually I like a crispy finish that gives a slight coaly flavour. But it just missed that mark – and that’s me being polite. I have been before and it was great, so I’m hoping it was a one-off this time.

Chana Chaat Salad £8.50

This vibrant dish consisted of chickpeas, couscous and baby sprouts studded with fresh pomegranate and pumpkin seeds. Smooth avocado and mint chutney with bun toast to the side.

Wow! Wow! Wow! – this was so flavourful and I was sceptical about all these ingredients going together but it did in the most spectacular way. And the teeny-tiny bread at the side made it so filling.

Awadhi Lamb Biryani £11.50

This dish was prepared using the traditional ‘dum’ style with the dough wrapped around the edges of the lip to keep in all the steam. There’s only been one other time I’ve had biryani prepared like that and that was in Dubai and my god! it was beautiful.

Everything was so flavourful and had their own uniqueness, but here’s the thing, when you bring the dishes together, it didn’t bond well.

I’ve come to the conclusion that each dish stands alone strong and delicious but that’s it.

However, I would go back for the atmosphere, the service was impeccable and I just loved the vibe. There were so many more items on the menu I haven’t yet tried and I look forward to going back again.

The overall bill amounted to £70.99 *looks away* – this was mostly my mistake for misreading the “per chop” part on the menu and stupidly ordered 5. Yes 5! I got excited ok?

This included  a 12.5% added service charge, which you can opt out of,  that came to £7.89

Basically, its expensive but delicious.

Address: 3a St Andrew Square, Edinburgh EH2 2BD

Telephone: 0131 202 6406

Halal Status: Everything is halal, no pork on menu, alcohol served on premises

Parking: Available outside via pay and display/ 5 minute walk from Edinburgh Waverley Station


Food 3.5/5

Presentation 4/5

Service 5/5

Facilities 5/5

Value 2/5


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