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Maki & Ramen

I was never a sushi lover and the thought of eating raw fish wrapped in seaweed baffled me. However a friend of mine pushed me to explore my tastebuds and showed me there was more to food than the typical ‘roti and salan’. So I have her to thank for making my palette a lot more interesting.

I had my first sushi experience at Yo Sushi! a few years back and ever since then that was the only place I’d ever go for Japanese food.

That was until I found out there was a halal Japanese cuisine in Edinburgh!

Maki & Ramen – have 3 establishments in Edinburgh and they all serve halal chicken !

The famous sushi and noodle bar has such a relaxed ambiance, you can choose to sit at the sushi and noodle bar and watch the chefs make it right in-front of you.

Chicken Ramen – £10.90

It can be difficult to make ramen noodles taste good, however in this case the broth was flavourful and the soft boiled egg added that extra protein and made it delicious. The chicken skewers were seasoned well and the seaweed was a nice surprise to the dish.

Pumkin Croquette – £5.90

These deep fried pumpkin croquettes are my new favourite thing. The texture was smooth, it had a hint of sweetness and the outside was a perfect crisp. The garlic/ranch dip brought balance to this sweet and savoury dish.

Salmon Set – £12.90

Ok, so I still find it difficult to eat raw fish without drowning it in soya sauce! The salmon and avocado rolls were amazing though.

Chicken Katsu Curry – £9.90

Did I say my palette had become more interesting? this still looks a bit like ‘salan and chawal’ I guess old habits die hard.

This was so filling, the sticky rice, curry and katsu chicken was the perfect definition of comfort food. The side broccoli gave this dish a pop of colour, but didn’t do much in terms of flavour, but it was a nice touch.

The overall bill amounted to £39.60 excluding drinks.

The service was incredible, our waiter was hilarious and we never waited long for our food either. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience and one I can’t wait to have again.

Address: 97-101 Fountain Bridge, Edinburgh, EH3 9QG

Telephone: 0131 228 5069

Halal Status: Only chicken is halal 

Parking: Limited pay and display parking available


Food                 4/5

Presentation      4/5

Service                5/5

Facilities           3/5

Value              3.5/5


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