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My First Rodi-O

When I stumbled upon Rodi Restaurant, my first thought was, how have I not heard of this place?  and how have their reviews topped one of my favourite places in Edinburgh – the Turkish cuisine – Ada Restaurant.

Situated on the corner of Morrison St,  its vibrant signs, Turkish-style interior and traditional music brings character to this casual and cosy cuisine.

So I grabbed my food buddy, who was somewhat reluctant in trying Turkish food but we seriously needed a change from the usual curries and naan we had throughout Ramadan.

Funny story about this experience; when I had told the waiter I was a food blogger, I think he thought I said footballer – can’t blame him, it sounds similar – since he asked me to do football tricks. This guy absolutely has World Cup fever.

Unsure of what to order we opted in for the Rodi’s Special for two people (£45).

This includes a mixture of cold meze’s, Turkish bread and a mixed grill.

Each cold meze starter was around £4.50-£5 on it’s own on the menu, which I found extremely overpriced. All 4 four sauces adds to £18.50 – Yikes!

Humus – £4.50

Chickpeas, blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic.

Usually, humus can be a bit boring but this dish was flavourful and so not your usual humus.

Biber Ezme – £4.50

Roasted peppers, blended with celery, mint, parsley, sunrise tomato’s with a touch of garlic, olive oil and lemon juice.

This rich sauce was punching with flavour and every mouthful was vibrant.

Patlican Solsu – £5

Cubes of aubergine sautéed with tomato, onion and garlic.

Out of all the sauces, this was the most interesting. It became a specially nice side to the meat which it complimented.

Cacik – £4.50

Mixed Grill – £45 (including cold meze’s)

Adana, Lamb Skewer, Chicken Skewer, Lamb Chops, Chicken Wings, Lamb Ribs served with rice and salad.

I was disappointed with the quality of meat we were given. Each piece was lacking in flavour and did not seem fresh. The portion size was decent but for the overall price I would have to say this was not good value for money.

The rice was… well rice! and was completely fine in what you’d expect plain rice to taste like.

The salad was ok. The tomato and cucumber was fresh and crisp. The balsamic vinegar and garnished herbs gave this salad a much needed boost

Complimentary baklava with whipped cream

A traditional sweet dish – which is a delicious flaky pastry filled with nuts (usually pistachio and almonds) and syrup. I’ve never had baklava with cream before but boy did it taste amazing!

The total bill amounted to £49 including drinks. Safe to say that Rodi did not live up to it’s hype. Perhaps it was the fact there was only one waiter and the service was incredibly slow or the blaring music at times made me strain to hear anything my food buddy was saying.

For a Sunday evening the place was fairly busy which is always a good sign – perhaps next time will be a different experience as there was definitely potential for this cosy cuisine to be extraordinary in my eyes.

Address - 121 Morrison St, Edinburgh, EH3 8AJ

Telephone - 0131 229 2727

Parking - Side street parking via pay and display

Halal Status - Alcohol served on premises/ Fully halal menu


Food 2.5/5

Presentation 3.5/5

Service 2/5

Facilities 3/5

Value 1/5

Overall Rating - 2.4

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