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Updated: Jan 18, 2020

My next venture was to Steak Restaurant in Edinburgh. Halal steak over here? That’s rare! (lol) But alas after much determination and badgering, I found one place, but there was a catch. We had to give 48 hours notice so the restaurant could order the halal steak. So I put in an order of two sirloin steaks. Which felt a bit weird, what if I changed my mind and in two days time wanted a fillet. Although you can’t go wrong with a good sirloin.

The first thing I noticed when visiting Steak was the dimmed lighting and industrial theme which gave a relaxed, romantic ambience  – this is somewhere you would definitely take a partner for an anniversary dinner. Safe to say I felt odd in my washed-up trainers and denim jacket. So far the first impressions were great, let’s hope the food lived up to it’s lavish interior.

And it did. The beef was cooked to perfection, I usually like my steak done medium – well done. Although I’m starting to lean towards the medium cook as it just melts in your mouth.

There’s nothing like a good peppercorn sauce paired with a well cooked steak, but there was just one thing, the peppercorn sauce wasn’t halal. Big shock – it was made with wine. I wouldn’t have known this if the waitress hadn’t explained it to us, which gave me a little more faith in the place. So we opted in for Café de Paris Butter – which is a garlic butter sauce. As someone who always has peppercorn, it was nice to try something different. And to my surprise it paired very nicely.

Between two people we ordered 3 sides, Grilled Mediterranean vegetables (x2) and sweet potato fries. The Mediterranean vegetables consisted of baby corn, courgettes, red peppers and baby vine tomatoes covered in olive oil and herbs. The vegetables along with the garlic butter sauce made the steak a bit oily but consisted of mouth watering flavours that would forgive the oily-ness.

£4 each for our Mediterranean vegetables and sweet potato fries

I loved the minor details and effort put in to give the perfect fine dining experience, like these tiny ketchup jars

Pinky and Perky Mocktail £5 – a grapefruit and citrus infused drink perfect for that one summers day in bonnie Scotland

For two people the bill amounted to £84.50, this included drinks and service. Which has put a nice dent in my bank account but what’s life without a few guilty pleasures and expensive steak is one of them. And on that note, all I have left to say is Steak – well done.

Address: 14 Picardy Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3JT

Number: 0131 556 1289

Parking: Side street parking via pay and display


Halal Status: Alcohol served on premises/ no pork dishes/ alcohol used in some dishes


Food                 4/5

Presentation   4/5

Service             4/5

Facilities           4.5/5


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