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She-Been There

I finally Got the chance to dine at Shebeen this Week. Let me say , it was divine. This was my first experience trying South African food and it did not disappoint.

Calamari £7.50

I always try to choose something on the menu I wouldn’t usually go for. This, for me, was calamari. The mixed-herb batter didn’t really do it for me this time, it crumbled away and left the squid naked. However, the sweet-chilli mayo elevated the dish and it would have been bang on if not for the batter.

Chicken Soasties £5.50

These chicken skewers were simple and tasty. The crispiness and light lemon seasoning went well with the sweet chilli sauce.

BBQ Chicken Wings £6.50

There aint no thing like a chicken wing! And what is better than a chicken wing?… barbecue buffalo wings. Oh, yeah! and these bad boys, hit that spot. They were neatly stacked and presented in a tin basket, which was a nice change from a takeaway box.

Fillet steak £32.95

The king of steaks and my favourite cut of-course. The fillet steak with peppercorn sauce, huge onion rings, portobello mushroom, rocket leaf salad and seasoned fries.

The steak was perfectly cooked a medium-well done. The sauce was a bit too peppery but in this case, the steak needed it so it worked harmoniously. The onion rings were more for show, I couldn’t eat the bigger one, it just felt a bit ridiculous. Other than that it was a well synchronised meal. And definitely goes on my list of best steaks in Scotland.

Mixed Grill £18.95

Here we have a selection of meats, rump steak, chicken soastie, lamb chops, lamb and beef sausages and chicken wings served alongside a fried egg, onion rings, fries and a side salad.

If you are a meat lover, this dish would be your calling. Packed with immense flavour and incredibly difficult to finish. The only negative thing I could say was the sausages that were a tiny bit dry. Although, the fried egg added that extra bit of richness to the dish.

Soweto Mess Burger £15.95

Usually the steak would be the star of the show, but I’ve left the best till last with this sultry burger that stole the spotlight.

A 300g monster beef burger topped with caramelised onions, slow cooked bbq beef brisket, tomato, gherkins, homemade red onion marmalade, lettuce and melted cheddar cheese (extra for £1.00)

The ratio was spot on and to top it off the brioche bun didn’t crumble under the pressure.

And in my brother, Bilal’s own words: “It was the best burger I’ve ever tasted.”

This is a guy who has ate many burgers in his life and would bring home raw beef burgers to replicate what he’d tried in restaurants/takeaways in our kitchen. I think every member in my family are very passionate when it comes to flavours and just good food in general.

The overall bill amounted to £82.52 after a generous discount from the manager. Otherwise this bill would have came to £97.55. Yikes. This included drinks. So with 3 people dining it was approximately £32 each.

A rather expensive meal but for the incredible service and the ultimate fine dining experience, it came with no surprise.

Address: 250 Morrison St, Edinburgh EH3 8DT

Telephone: 0131 229 7886

Halal Status: Everything is halal, except pork on menu, alcohol served. All dishes are prepared and cooked separately (as stated on their menus).

Parking: Available outside via pay and display/ 4 minute walk from Haymarket Station


Food 4/5

Presentation 5/5

Service 5/5

Facilities 5/5

Value 4/5


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