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Updated: Jan 18, 2020

On my arrival at Dim Sum, on West Nile St, my first thought was that it was way too empty. Alarm bells started to ring but I put it to the back of my mind, I was so hungry.  Although the setting was pretty, the floors were sticky – again I set this to the back of my mind as sometimes even the dingiest of places can produce the best dishes, right?

I tried to stay positive and at last, the menu sprung some hope with its vast selection of chicken, seafood, curry, lamb, beef and vegetarian options – my mouth was watering – this had to be good. Everyone loves authentic Chinese food.

Chicken Curry £9.50

However, the chicken curry was far from authentic, if anything, the curry looked like the rip off powder sauce you get in the school canteen. *crying emoji*

For £9.50 I found this to be overpriced – I would have at least expected fries/rice included.

For the appetisers, we had the chicken satay skewers and the salt & chilli chicken wings.

Chicken Chilli Wings £4.80 & Chicken Satay Skewers £4.50

I have been finding it very difficult to say anything positive about this dish. The chicken seemed old and re-fried. The skewers were chewy and stringy. The only thing that you could taste was the spice from the wings and the nuts from the skewers. Usually, I enjoy the appetisers before the main course so I was really looking forward to this. But again, was left disappointed.

Stir-fried Lamb with Cumin seeds & Corian £11.50

This is the only dish I half-enjoyed. You guys know I always try to be positive when it comes to critiquing food, so if I’m having trouble finding anything good to say then that says something.

The beef was flavourful but slightly oily and messy with the presentation and was a much better standard than what was given before.

Chips £2.30

How does one get chips so wrong? The salt bounced off them, they look dull and sad. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bowl of chips looked so upsetting. I can literally feel the depression emanating off them! Was that a bit dramatic?

Egg Fried Rice £2.50

Do not let the spring onion garnish fool you! The rice was adequate… that’s all I can say.

Overall the bill amounted to £41.50 including drinks. This experience had so many alarm bells, I’m wondering how it got a 4.5-star rating on Google. Maybe I went at the wrong time or ordered the wrong food! Can the person who gave Dim Sum 5 stars please tell me what you had, I’m always open to giving a second chance. But after this experience, I would say that chance is scarce.

Address: 69 W Nile St, Glasgow G1 2QB

Telephone: 0141 328 0800

Halal Status: All chicken, Lamb and Beef are halal and there is plenty of veggie options.

Parking/Travel: 3 Minute walk from Queen St Station and Buchanan St Subway


Food 2/10

Presentation 2/10

Service 5/10

Facilities 2/10

Value 1/10


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