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It’s Wednesday! You know what that means. My next cafe venture was to Wilson Street and of-course, The Wilson St Pantry. It wasn’t completely obvious to find and with it being in direct line of the sun rays – it was almost blinding to look at. As you entered the cafe you were immediately relieved to be away from the horrible winter sun. Is that just me who thinks that?

Mocha £2.80

What I loved most about this cup of coffee was the mug itself. The thick ceramic kept the coffee warm and it was so creamy. I recently tried an Americano, not realising it was just black coffee! (don’t make a mocha-ry out of me) Safe to say I was not ready for this level of caffeine commitment.

Breakfast Special £7.50

Roasted pepper and smoked paprika hummus with toasted seeds and crumbled goats cheese served on sourdough with poached eggs. I think I was being a bit ambitious with the smoked paprika hummus for breakfast, I’m not used to having something spicy first thing. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the mellowness of the paprika and hummus. I was a bit unsure about the goats cheese, as it can usually be a hit or miss, but in this case it brought all components together nicely.

I wouldn’t say this was the best dish but it was definitely interesting. If you like strong flavours (like my Mum, she can eat a spoonful of mustard without hesitation) then this breakfast is for you (and you too Mum).

French toast; Apricot, Almond and Vanilla Mascarpone £7.50

My brunch buddy, Iman, was in the mood for something sweet. I was envious looking over at her plate as that glistening ball of apricot caught my eye. She eventually gave me half of what she couldn’t finish. Thanks Iman, hehe!

The almonds gave a nice crunch along with the sweet vanilla mascarpone. Mmmm, I wish I could re-eat this. The toast was the right thickness to soak up all the syrup.

The bill amounted to £20.60, which came to £10.30 each. I would say this was a fair price to pay for a decent breakfast. Their cake selection looked amazing, if only I wasn’t so full from eating my breakfast – and Iman’s – then I definitely would have given them a try. Awell! More of a reason to come back.

Address: 6 Wilson St, Glasgow G1 1SS

Telephone: 0141 552 0606

Halal Status: No halal options but plenty of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free

Parking/Travel: 5-6 minute walk from Queen Street Station and Argyle Street Station. On street parking available via pay and display. 


Food 7.5/10

Presentation 8/10

Service 8/10

Facilities 9/10

Value 9/10


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