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Updated: Jan 18, 2020

If you’re in the holiday mood, I know a place that will make you feel like you are in the heart of the Caribbean and you won’t even have to leave Edinburgh to get there. Gilmore Place to be exact. It’s bright blue exterior and shack-like interior makes you feel you are walking right onto the set of Death in Paradise (Its on BBC1, great series may I add)

The first thing we noticed was a ‘pay with cash only’ sign – I’m unsure if this was temporary, but there was a cash machine at Scotmid nearby

After studying the menu, we opted in for this refreshing mocktail and it was amaaaazing. For £6.45 I was expecting one glass but this was even better. It was vibrant, sweet and I wish I was sitting on a beach somewhere drinking this. So so good!

Under all that oozing jerk sauce was 4 wings, nicely sized and tasted great. Marinated for 24 hours beforehand and then pit grilled, topped with thin coconut slices and caramelised orange chutney which mellowed the spice (slightly) and added sweetness. The jerk sauce can vary from mild (pineapple), medium (coconut) and hot (classic). Obviously I went for the classic style, it had such a kick my nose was running, which is the best part about eating spicy food – am’a right?

The chicken was cooked nicely, it slid right off the bone, which is heaven. I mean, I could sit there and gnaw at the bone until its clean but – I’ve been told not to do that at restaurants. *inserts rolling eye emoji*

Lamb rump steak £15.95

With a side of Caribbean slaw and sweet potato mash, coriander and glazed onion garnish. I liked every individual component of this dish, however there was so much jerk sauce that it brought it together in an unforgiving way. The sweet potato mash liquidised and was non-existent and I chewed on one bit of lamb for at least 2 minutes. The slaw added a nice tangy crunch and the garnish was beautiful. I just wish there was less sauce. However, this dish was so full of flavour that each bite brought something different.

Caribbean brown chicken £9.95

Marinated chicken with fresh thyme, ginger, pimento and scotch bonnet. With a side of coconut rice and peas. Garnished with coconut, coriander, and glazed onions. The plate…bowl…thing made the portion look huge and intimidating. But we like a challenge. The chicken was mouthwatering tasty, every mouthful was a bursting with flavour. The rice was fluffy and aromatic. This dish also came with a side of two dumplings, which were delicious and sweet. I would definitely recommend this dish.

The bill amounted to £36.85 for two people, including drinks. After this generously portioned meal we were too full to even consider desert. Despite the lamb rump steak situation which I put purely down to meat:sauce ratio gone wrong and considering they’ve been open for less than a year, I’d say they still have some teething issues. But I would definitely come back again for this fiery menu and lively, chill atmosphere which was enough to brighten anyone's day.

Address: 4-8 Lochrin Buildings, Gilmore Place, Edinburgh, EH3 9NB

Number: 0131 556 1289

Parking: Side street parking via pay and display

Halal Status: Alcohol served on premises/ no pork dishes/ Halal meat cooked separately


Food                 3/5

Presentation   2/5

Service             3/5

Facilities           3/5


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