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Yaya's Food Photography Workshop


You've probably come here looking for a review, but trust me I wouldn't be teaming up with these guys if I didn't believe in their sauce.

I've been whipping up something behind the scenes, and I think you guys will love this.

I'll be bringing you a streamline of events, hosted in Yaya's, over the next few months! Eeeek!

So of-course, the first event lined up this month will be a photography workshop. I'll be bringing two photographers who are eager to show off their skills on what it takes to create a quality photo straight for the gram. You'll all get a chance to practice, so bring your cameras! - it does not need to be a professional camera, some of the delicious posts you see on my feed have been taken from my phone. The camera's are literally the same these days.

To keep up to date with the latest news don't forget to suscribe, or follow the halal gal instagram page. You'll find the link on the top right hand corner of this page.

The spots for the event are limited and I will be giving out invites to a selected bunch. But if you want to be on that list, drop me a message!

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